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Are you prepared to do what it takes? | Advice From The Most Successful People On The Planet

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Expand your consciousness, alter your perspective, maintain motivation and subscribe for weekly videos here: https://bit.ly/1z16NLO Speakers within this video: Tim Grover Tony Robbins Warren Buffet Steve Bartlett Gary Vaynerchuck 💬 “Do. The. Work. Every day, you have to do something you don’t want to do. Every day. Challenge yourself to be uncomfortable, push past the apathy and laziness and fear. Otherwise, the next day you’re going to have two things you don’t want to do, then three and four and five, and pretty soon, you can’t even get back to the first thing. And then all you can do is beat yourself up for the mess you’ve created, and now you’ve got a mental barrier to go along with the physical barriers.” - Tim Grover ►More from us at Absolute Motivation Instagram: https://bit.ly/2rQVpEU Facebook: https://bit.ly/2V4ENqf Twitter: https://bit.ly/22Wrg1v Soundcloud: https://bit.ly/25OgzDA 🎧Background Music Our private composer has created the music exclusively for #AbsoluteMotivation If you loved the music check out our composers Soundcloud and get all his music! NIMZ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/theofficialnimz ►The Footage All our footage has been licensed in this video through FilmPac except parts about the topic that have been used under fair use. #Absolutemotivation

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