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Are you suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder?

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Identifying the 8 symptoms of BPD. Do you suffer with Borderline Personality Disorder? Do not feel ashamed, this could be genetic and manifested without you even knowing it. The risk of developing BPD is higher when surrounded by or growing up in unstable, abusive, or neglective environment. There is 8 symptoms you typically see when a person suffers from BPD: Fear of abandonment This is usually a big deal for people because with BPD there is that fear of everyone leaving you. Unstable Relationships The inability to keep a relationship makes it difficult and frustrating for people with BPD Unstable Self Image Having a self image is very important in order for people to have self confidence in oneself and without a good self image, your actions reflect on that. Impulsive/Self Destructive Behaviors The feeling of not feeling worthy can really contribute to this and make one feel even worse Self Harm Harming oneself because of the same feeling of unworthiness Extreme Emotional Swings Can range in emotions Chronic Feeling of Emptiness Feeling like complete and utter emptiness Explosive Anger Impulses of sudden intense anger With these 8 symptoms you can more clearly identify BPD It’s important to remember that BPD can be passed own by genetics but even if it is not it's important to remember to not feel ashamed of yourself because BPD is usually developed by someone living in unstable or neglectful environments. The best plan of action is to seek the help that you may need. Seeking a therapist to guide you through the steps and to tell you what is actually happening can be very beneficial to someone.

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