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BloodRayne - All Boss Fights

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All bosses are in Hard difficulty. I didn't do good in much of the fights because while i was recording the fps went down by alot, also because i suck. There is audio cuts and a bit of lag here and there. Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ParanormalParamoia/?modal=admin_todo_tour Boss Order: -Queen of the Underworld - 00:00 -Von Blut - 03:58 -Kommando - 08:30 -Dr. Báthory Mengele "The Butcheress" -11:47 -Kommando Possessed by a Daemite - 16:20 -D.Mauler - 17:13 -Hedrox the Infinite - 21:34 -Mynce - 24:52 -Sigmund and Simon Krieger "The Doppelgangers" -26:39 -Jürgen Wulf and Beliar - 35:58 -Jürgen Wulf Final Showdown - 43:13 -Beliar with Relics - 46:51 Thumbnail art by koiifish92.

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