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Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are (Aiden N Evelyn harmonica cover)

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From the previous videos we posted, we've gained a lot of positive comments, gave us motivation to continue produce more music videos. Now here is the latest video - Just The Way You Are, originally by Bruno Mars, harmonica cover by Aiden N Evelyn. This video was shot at the most beautiful island in the world - Maldives! Hope you can feel the happiness from this song with the new arrangement :) Instrumentations of this arrangement: two chromatic harmonicas, bass harmonica, chord harmonica, piano, shaker & tambourine. We hope you will like it! =========================================== Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are, harmonica cover by Aiden N Evelyn. Please Subscribe Youtube "Aiden N Evelyn" for more video and feel free to share! Official Website: http://www.frescoharmonica.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/aidensoon.fresco http://www.facebook.com/evelynchoong.fresco http://www.facebook.com/frescoharmonica For an event booking, please email to info@frescoharmonica.com

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