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Cartoon Madness! Sneak Attack Squad Sword Battle With Nerf Titan!

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In this epic battle, Ethan and Cole get the Dojo Battle game and things get our of hand as usual, but anime style! The Sneak Attack Squad brothers wage sword mayhem from beginning to end. When Ethan breaks out the New Nerf Titan can Cole's quick reflexes defeat the massive blaster?? Watch the action unfold! Music in this video: Trial and Error (royalty free anime themes!) - http://www.tandess.com/en/music/ The incredible Extreme Toys TV Store! https://extremetoystv.store/ Ethan's Instagram Page: @extremekidethan Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/extremetoystv Instagram: @extremetoystv Submit your pictures and comments to our Instagram or Facebook pages to maybe be picture or comment of the week! We love making these videos! If you like them then please subscribe. Other Videos: Minecraft Monster Mash! Sneak Attack Squad Glitchy Nerf Battle! https://youtu.be/tA4VaaV3YQ8 Sneak Attack Squad Epic Trick Shots with the Nerf Rival Jupiter! https://youtu.be/g__kU_NI1f0 Sneak Attack Squad Moving Day Nerf Battle in a Lazy River Vs. Dad! https://youtu.be/DWOZncWHXGo

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