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DIY Ruffle Wrap Skirt Refashion


http://www.cottonandcurls.com/ for more pictures and DIYs! Visit https://www.instagram.com/cottonandcurls/ for glimpses of my life. Here is a fun Ruffle skirt refashion to make your wardrobe more fun and flirty for this upcoming season. All you need is a skirt or dress that fits you well or is just a little big and some extra supplement fabric. 1. Grab a dress or skirt that either fits or is too big. 2. Cut The top of the dress off and make sure to leave the zipper intact leave about an inch or so of the zipper, for the waist band, and a half inch of fabric on the sides. Add some pins to the top of the zipper for the zipper pull doesn’t come off. 3. Cut the skirt open in the front, preferably on the side. Try on the skirt see in a wrap position if you can and see how much needs to be taken in or how much fabric needs to be added. If you're taking it in, take it in at the darts and seams evenly. Just make sure the zipper stays where it should like center back or side. If the skirt doesn’t wrap around enough, just add fabric to the under part but taking some from the extra material. 4.Now that you have a wrap skirt you must cut mark and cut it into a curve like so. 5. Take the extra fabric on the bottom of the skirt or from extra material and cut it 3 inches wide and the length of your waist plus inch. Then fold the edges in 1/2” and then fold it in half and iron. You can also add interfacing to stiffen the waistband. 6.Then pin the waistband to the extra material next to the zipper top and around the top of the skirt. Topstitch the waistband down around the zipper and around the top of this skirt. Make sure to fold and stick the top of the zipper inside the waistband. Also, fold under the wrap skirt edge at the top to conceal the raw edge. 7. Now cut 3 or 4 circles for flounce or ruffle. make each circle have a diameter or 4.5” and the width of the ruffle is 4.5 inches. Once cut and stretched out the flounce length will be around 14 or 15”. Make as many circles that will equal the length of the bottom of the skirt edge. 9. Sew all the ruffles together. Then hem the outer edge under 1/4” as well as the ends. You can zig zap stitch the edge before this is you want to prevent fraying but I just made sure to sew it very close and added fray check. 10. Then pin the inner edge of the ruffle to the skirt right sides together. Sew and surge any raw edges. 11.Topstitch down the ruffle in place if you want. But i just ironed it flat. Thanks for watching! Subscribe and visit cottonandcurls.com for more DIYs

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