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Doctor’s Productivity Desk Setup (2018)

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Welcome to this tour of my workspace and desk setup! This is the product of several years of optimization to create an environment that is conducive to studying and being productive. Let me know what you think and what things you would change! Items mentioned in the video (affiliate links): Ikea Jerker standing desk: (buy used online) Samsung UE28E590D 28" 4K Monitor: http://geni.us/samsung4k Vivo Dual Monitor Mount: http://geni.us/vivomount Philips Fidelio X2 Headphones: http://geni.us/philipsfideliox2 Sennheiser HD 600 Headphones: http://geni.us/hd600 Headphone stands: http://geni.us/headphonestands Emotiva Airmotiv 4 Bookshelf Monitors: http://geni.us/airmotiv4 FiiO E9K: http://geni.us/fiio FiiO E17K: http://geni.us/fiioe7k Logitech MX Master 2S: http://geni.us/logitechmx Apple bluetooth keyboard: http://geni.us/applebluetoothkeyboard Cable sleeves: http://geni.us/cablesleeves Synology NAS 418play: http://geni.us/synologynas418 MacBook Pro 2017 15" Touchbar: http://geni.us/applembp Bookstand: http://geni.us/bookstand Blue Yeti Microphone: http://geni.us/blueyetimicrophone Monoprice Reflection Shield: http://geni.us/isolationshield Speaker stand: http://geni.us/speakerstand Ring light: http://geni.us/ringlightled Philips hue light strip: http://geni.us/huelightstrip Philips hue bulbs: http://geni.us/M5VKPZp Acer Chromebook 14: http://geni.us/acerchromebook14 Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat: http://geni.us/antifatiguemat RUBZ Ball: http://geni.us/rubz ^ I enjoy the Rubz ball even more than a lacrosse ball now Become an Insider! https://patreon.com/medschoolinsiders Connect with me! WEBSITE: https://medschoolinsiders.com INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/medschoolinsiders TWITTER: https://twitter.com/MedInsiders FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/medschoolinsiders AMAZON STORE: https://www.amazon.com/shop/medschoolinsiders Music: https://soundcloud.com/grisecon/coruscate-slow-it-down-helios Disclaimer: Content of Med School Insiders is my opinion and does not constitute medical advice. The content and associated links provide general information for general educational purposes only.

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