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Don't Give up - Trust God (Powerful Christian Motivation 2019)

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If you're feeling low, down or depressed, watch this video to realize your true power and what the devil is trying to do by not letting you speak. Your words have power! As Christians we have got into the habit of letting the world talk down to us. In a liberal landscape where spirituality and religion are frowned upon, many of us tend to close our mouths and keep our light hidden under the basket. But that's exactly what the devil wants! The church was given by God to this earth to demonstrate his heart for man, to demonstrate his destiny. Jesus was sent down to earth to broadcast his plan of a new generation of humans who will show forth His love to all the earth. You are that generation! Wake up to your true potential! Receive motivation to go conquer the day and overcome adversity! Watch the Full message here: https://youtu.be/Ts9fnxd7tRk Online Courses by Kirby de Lanerolle and Fiona ====================================== * Mysteries of Financial Freedom https://www.wowmediaproductions.com/shop/kirby-de-lanerolle-mysteries-of-financial-freedom/ * 5 Day Program Online (Colombo) : https://www.wowmediaproductions.com/shop/5-day-program-online/ * Synchronized Knowledge Online https://www.wowmediaproductions.com/shop/synchronized-knowledge-online-course/ * Mystical Marriage Online https://www.wowmediaproductions.com/shop/mystical-marriage-2018-recording/ WOWLife Official Channels ===================== Podcast : http://podcast.wowlife.in Web Site : http://www.wowlife.in Web Store : http://www.wowlife.in/shop Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/wowlifechurch/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/kirbystclaire Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/wowlife.lk/ Copyright Statement ================= Copyright © 2017 - This video is subject to copyrights owned by Works of Wonder (Pvt) Ltd. Any reproduction or republication of all or part of this video without written permission is expressly prohibited. motivation ministry of reconciliation morning motivation motivational speech

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