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FORGIVENESS Sleep Meditation ~ Allowing yourself to LET GO

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FORGIVENESS While You SLEEP ~ Free Yourself From Suffering Welcome to dauchsy meditations. Forgiveness. What is forgiveness, why do we need to forgive, who is forgiveness for? Forgiveness is for no one other than you. Don’t attempt to forgive when you are not fully ready to forgive. There will always be pressures from others to forgive or you may think that you need to forgive someone right away just because it’s the right thing to do. But in fact, we need to feel that anger, we need to feel that pain so that we can understand what and why we are forgiving. If you are not fully ready to forgive, it is ok. You can always come back to this meditation and try again. It may take a few times, or only once, but you will know when you have truly forgiven. You will feel an unbelievable weight lifted from your body. You will have a sense of freedom and a healing in the body that I cannot explain in words. So first, let me ask you. Who is this person you need to forgive? And What is that story you tell yourself that allows you to hold on to that suffering? What pain has this person caused you? The fact is, We become victims of our own stories. And If you are not careful, you will live out your life by the sad story you tell yourself over and over. In this meditation, you will learn how to Release yourself from that sad story. You may be resisting the urge to let go. This is because you have allowed this pain and suffering this individual has caused to define who you are as a person. And I understand how difficult it is to let go of the person you think you are. Letting yourself be vulnerable to the unknown. But once you do allow this forgiveness to wash over you, you will realize that You are much more than just some sad story. You will realize that you are a limitless, perfectly imperfect human being. Whatever happened to you no matter what it is. It does not define you, it does not define your life, and you no longer need to be kept in that prison. So Free yourself.

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