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God of War - All Bosses - Zeus Set: GLASS BALLISTA BUILD - New Game + (GMGOW)

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Killing all bosses from the main story + Valkyries on Give Me God of War with Zeus' Set: GLASS BALLISTA BUILD. As many of you know, this will possibly be the last video i'll be making on God of War. So I thought I'd put together a compilation of every boss fight with the Zeus set using the Blades of Chaos and Leviathan Axe throughout + Killing all the Valkyries using the Leviathan Axe and realm shift abilities (Amulet of Kvasir +, Talisman of the Realms, Glowing Gem of the Nine). The audio on the Magni and Modi fight sounds terrible due to being compressed multiple times. I know that a lot of people have enjoyed my content on God of War so I'm very grateful to those who have subscribed, liked, viewed etc. I'm not going to milk this game like other Youtuber's with no creative integrity (posting the same thing over and over again for views). So on that note, time to chill until the next game... :D Thanks again. More videos soon.. my channel art will tell you what's to come. Sensitivity 6/6. Motion blur 0, Film grain 0. Camera lock OFF, Strafe assist ON, Auto-aim OFF. Performance. (PRO)

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