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🕉😀 How To Stop Suffering - Mooji

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In this video direct disciple of Papaji and nonduality teacher Mooji speaks about the root of all suffering: attachment to the I-thought, and how we can get out of the samsara wheel of life so that we live a happy and joyful life. He advices us to investigate deep into the nature of 'I' and by and by detach from it. But listen yourself! Very recommendable! ******************************* REMEMBER to Subscribe! Your mind will be grateful! https://goo.gl/xQ2Bge ******************************* Mooji (born Anthony Paul Moo-Young) is a spiritual teacher / nonduality teacher, originally from Jamaica. Mooji is a disciple of the renowned Advaita master Papaji, who himself was a devotee of the advaita and non-dual master Ramana Maharshi. Mooji shares self-inquiry, directing his students to the non-dual Self by encouraging them to question who or what they are at the deepest level. One well known exercise is to identify the natural feeling 'I am' or 'I exist' and staying with this for 5 to 7 minutes at a time. Another is to come to the recognition that everything (thoughts, emotions, sensations) can be perceived, and then inquiring, "Can the perceiver itself be perceived? Mooji's Homepage: https://goo.gl/5aHg24 Mooji's Youtube Channel: https://goo.gl/EqWxWb Full Video: https://goo.gl/EBQROi ******************************* Thank you for watching. You Are Boundless Freedom

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