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KRIMH - Snare Drum Tuning

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I like my snare FAT! Watch this video to know how I do it. This is my approach on snare tuning. Enjoy! Drums used in this video: * TAMA Starclassic Maple: - 22"x18" Kicks (2x), - 10"x8" Tom Tom - 12"x9" Tom Tom - 14"x14" Floor Tom - 16"x16" Floor Tom https://www.tama.com/usa/products/drum_kits/starclassic_maple_drumkit.html - 14"x6,5" Charlie Benante Signature Snare: https://www.tama.com/usa/products/snare_drums/cb1465.html Skins: *REMO - Controlled Sound coated https://remo.com/products/product/controlled-sound-coated-black-dot/ - Ambassador clear https://remo.com/products/product/ambassador-clear/ Sticks: *PROMARK 419 http://www.promark.com/pmProductDetail.Page?ActiveID=3917&productid=69&sid=ef54a3a6-bd44-4aaa-b152-2b4296c24b7d Cymbals: *MEINL - 8" Byzance Brilliant Splash - 10" Byzance Brilliant Splash - 14" Byzance Medium Hi-Hat - 14" Soundcaster Custom Hi-Hat - 17" Byzance Medium Thin Brilliant Crash - 18" Pure Alloy China - 18" Classics Custom China - 19" Byzance Medium Thin Brilliant Crash - 20" Mb 8 Heavy Ride https://meinlcymbals.com/ Drum Keys: *MEINL Kinetic Drum key Black Nickel *Quicktech™ Drum Key If you want to know what MICS I am using watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rezTQ7id864 Thanks for watching and your support. ;) Music you listen in the background is from my soloproject -KRIMH- Bandcamp: https://krimh.bandcamp.com/ https://krimh.bigcartel.com/ Thanks to my endorsement partners for the SICK GEAR: *DRUMS: TAMA http://www.tama.com/ *CYMBALS: MEINL http://meinlcymbals.com/ *PEDALS: CZARCIE KOPYTO http://www.czarciekopyto.com/en *HEADS: REMO http://remo.com/ *STICKS: PROMARK http://www.promark.com *IN EARs: 64 AUDIO http://www.64audio.com/ *KICKER: http://www.sonitusacoustics.eu/28/pro *TRIGGER: FOOTBLASTER: https://footblaster.com/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *FOLLOW ME: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_krimh_/?hl=de FB: https://www.facebook.com/drummerkrimh/ ************************ S U B S C R I B E ************************ #krimh #snaretuning #drumtuning

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