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Kryptic Minds - Myth

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Buy: http://boomkat.com/cds/389985-kryptic-minds-can-t-sleep Sick sophomore album from one of Dubstep's darkest units. Since stepping into the 140bpm shadows with 'One Of Us', the duo have almost fully assimilated the scene's characteristics, yet retained clear traces of their D&B DNA. 'Can't Sleep' features thirteen exquisitely engineered tracks, from the uptempo swerve and swagger of 'Just After Sunset' to the sprawling dread vistas of '1000 Lost Cities'. Previous single 'Can't Sleep' is at the core of the album, Alys Be providing their first vocal on a deeply moody halfstep roller and also appearing on the Burial-esque rollidge of opener 'Brief Passing', but the highlights for us have to be the 4/4 driven 'Arcane' with its chillingly dank sound sphere or the 'ardcore-tucked minor key symphonics of 'Alone', one for the sullen bassbin crew! There's a deadly sense of midnight dystopia and urban ennui which is articulated so beautifully through Kryptic's expert sound design and super-taut grasp of halfstep mechanics, which really shouldn't be ignored by fans of Burial, Pangaea, They Live or even Massive Attack.

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