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Life Lessons: You can't change other people.

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You can impact someone's life but we can't change them. Often we see a trainwreck happening in another person's life and we want to save them or stop it from happening. We want the best for them, what we "think" is the best for them, and often we can interfere in their life and view it as helping. We can help others when they ask for help, however we must be aware of the inner value of the person and allow them to be powerful and responsible for their own life. The only person we can change is ourself. Another life lesson learned, we can't compare our life to another person's life. With the help or harm of social media, many of us tend to compare our lives to others based on a Facebook post or Instagram picture. Watch the video and get a new perspective on how to end the cycle of comparison and put that energy into positive life-supporting ways. Lastly, we need to work to inspire ourself from the inside out. If we are honestly able to focus on ourself for who we are inside, we get a better understanding and acceptance of ourself. Do you realize the impact you have on others? Do you see your personal power? Please take time to subscibe to my channel! I look forward to reading your authentic comments! For more information: www.ashleyberges.com

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