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Man Quits Job in Finance to Create Incredible Permaculture Garden | From Finance to Farmer

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Andrew Martin once worked in the finance industry in Australia, but after learning about the true state of the world as peak oil and climate change begin to take effect, he knew he had to leave that unsustainable lifestyle behind and do something useful to help heal the earth and to be more resilient in the face of change. He and his wife Beth moved to New Zealand, where they’re in the process of turning green-desert farmland into a productive and bountiful forest of food. It’s incredible to see how much they’re harvesting after just three years. Andrew researches extensively about the big interconnected issues in the realms of economy, environment, and energy and offers his skills and knowledge to city and regional councils that need to build their own resilience (that would be pretty much all of them!). Andrew’s website: https://rethinkenterprises.co.nz/ Andrew's book: 'Rethink…Your World, Your Future…' - http://onenesspublishing.com/rethink ** More about Happen Films ** Support us in making more films: https://happenfilms.com/donate Website: https://happenfilms.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/happenfilms Instagram: https://instagram.com/happenfilms Facebook: https://facebook.com/happenfilms ** Screen our films in your community! ** While our short films are free to view online, you’ll need to purchase a license to hold a public screening. Visit https://happenfilms.com/store for info. First song by Canvas Music Productions: http://canvasmusicproductions.com

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