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Mooji - The End of Suffering (highly recommended for all those in search of lasting happiness)

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In this excerpt, a woman steps forward to ask how she wants to let go of a few things that are causing her trouble. Mooji graciously responds by explaining how most human beings are wrongly identifying themselves as personal entities - which creates suffering and perpetuates a sense of victimhood. Mooji states that it is not the things themselves that need to be let go of, but the one who feels troubled by the things - the false self, that needs to be let go of. As Mooji says, this realisation is the "one medicine" for everything. Even if you do not understand Mooji's words, listen fully with your heart, because if you directly feel what Mooji is pointing to, you will see no need to have any kind of therapy to "feel better". Excerpt from opening session of the 2017 Lisbon Intensive. Satsang recorded on Friday, 28th April 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DeL6ifykDw News and Schedule: https://mooji.org/ Full library of Mooji Satsangs: https://mooji.tv/

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