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Pat Reese Talks with Dr Michael Forbes about Dealing with Suffering and Pain

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Visit the Akronist at http://www.akronist.com Learning how to deal with loss, pain, betrayal, anger, deceit and deception are a part of coping with pain and suffering. Pat Reese sits down with Dr. Michael L. Forbes of Akron Children's Hospital to discuss suffering and how to properly deal with it. In order to become a strong person, Dr. Forbes feels that it's universal to learn from pain and suffering. It can be difficult to overcome grief by yourself, so it's important to have support in the form of family, friends or community. As a physician at Akron Children's Hospital, he occasionally has to deliver the news of death to a family. Dr. Forbes has made a choice to grieve with the families and offer support in their time of need. In life we are going to lose and fail more than we will succeed and the suffering is something that we all do. Teaching people to deal with lose and failure is essential to understating the suffering process. Dr. Forbes explains that experiencing suffering and learning to overcome is part of the human process of having hope for a brighter tomorrow. For more information visit The House of the Lord: http://thotl.org/

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