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"West Covina (reprise II)" from "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"

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"West Covina (reprise II)" performed by Vincent Rodriguez III as "Josh Chan" and Rachel Bloom as "Rebecca Bunch" from The CW Network show "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" Please check out the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Wikia (CXG.wikia.com) for more information on the show: http://cxg.wikia.com/wiki/Crazy_Ex-Girlfriend_ Lyrics West Covina! California! It's so cool you see the bounty Of the best town in L.A. county! It's Nirvana, it's Heaven, it's Mecca! Yeah, I'm hopelessly, desperately in love with.... West Covina! Can't believe that a girl like you... Rebecca: (Ah-ah) Josh: Would think this place is a dream come true... Rebecca: (Ah-ah) Josh: Or be swayed by a guy like me! Josh and Rebecca: It's not just a coincidence It isn't just by chance. It's logical, it's obvious It all makes perfect sense.. And I'm just so happy that you're here!

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