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Reaching 110 MILLION Points by GARRISON trapping! - Lords Mobile KvK

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This was my Lords Mobile KvK on August 31st, so you're with me, DakotaFisherman and we're going to watch this together. I thought a little lords mobile commentary might be a little refresher from the past rather than a full music video. Let me know if I should continue this style of editing/video, I'd appreciate it. This lords mobile gameplay includes lords mobile Garrison trapping, aka my lords mobile trap, and lords mobile solo attacks, lords mobile familiar attack.. all expected and more! Subscribe, Like, and Become a Member to support the channel! Affiliate Link | https://gamehag.com/a/1156 - Use Gamehag to grab soul gems, get free stuff. Try the website on a PC, the app is ok but the website is 100x better. I've been using this app to save, thought I'd recommend it for you too! They do giveaways, contests, if you do surveys you'll get stuff. If you write articles if thats your thing, they give points for that too, called soul gems. Main thing is - you just want to do it casually, like if you install games you do it through them and then hit complete task (when you're actually ready) and you wait like 48 hours or so by screenshotting your screen (gotta be on the website btw) but yeah, check it out and lemme know what you think in the comment section.

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