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Royal Wedding 2018. The Bride's Entrance. Handel: Eternal Source of Light Divine

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Absolutely lovely, impossibly fairytale-like imagery - the more so because it's actually REAL. What got me about this clip in particular was the pageboy's expression at 1:43 upon hearing the fanfare from the State Trumpeters, and the unutterably spectacular visuals of St. George's Chapel, Windsor. This was no Hollywood pastiche! At 7 or 8 years old, wouldn't we all have been totally knocked out and made happy by that experience - an expression untainted by the inevitable jaundice and cynicism he faces in his later years... That said, am I the only one who thinks Handel's transcendent "Eternal Source of Light Divine" was absolutely mangled in this wobbly, off-pitch, rather shrieky performance by professional soprano Elin Manahan Thomas? I mean no unkindness, but this was pretty awful in my opinion. It must have been an attack of nerves. Baroque trumpet soloist: David Blackadder.

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