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So This Is Suffering-Columbine(OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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So This Is Suffering-Columbine taken from their upcoming 2/24 release Palace of the Pessimist. Pre-order bundle packages available here: http://www.indiemerch.com/uniqueleader/band/so-this-is-suffering http://uniqueleader.com/ https://www.facebook.com/UniqueLeaderRecords/ https://www.facebook.com/sothisissuffering/?fref=ts Produced by 1st Degree Entertainment STIS would like to thank Jordyn Conway for her role in the video. "Columbine" Aged, faded away. Starring at the sky. Clouded thoughts of impurity. Make no mistake, there a price to pay. Where do you find yourself? Distorted scaring faces. Disgorged from the surface. It's what's feeding into your soul. Welcome deception and control. Dying from this war, restrained by all toxic breathing, idolize imprisoned gods. Decaying from the system. Never ending darkness. Putrid destroyers, the last days of mankind. Decomposing in my grave. Faces of immortality Vile serpents. Will you show me the way. (x2) Shattered days, scarred and sickening Demented world brings us pain! A place to die, shallow victims. Frail followers of the new reign. Tolerate the unforgiven. Unable to withstand malice. Summon by misery Taken by apathy (x2) Don't praise your illusions that feast, Eating away illusive sympathy. Hollow, deceitful, agony. Degrading the lives of humanity. (x2)

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