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#Stikbot Monsters Toys Special Collection Box Review Zing

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#Stikbot Monsters Toys Special Collection Box from Zing! Squirrel Stampede Toy Reviews, Unboxes, and plays with the Terrifying new #Stikbot Monsters collection, a special package from Zing! Thank you Zing for Sponsoring this video! 6 Epically scary Basic Assortment of #Stikbot Monsters to collect: Giggles, Grim, Goblin, Insector, Aquafang, and Kyron! Found at Target and Walmart stores, $5 each. 3 #Stikbot Mega Monsters! Cerberus, Scorch, and Gigantus!!! Specail Walmart Exclusives, at $10 each! Each #Stikbot monster with multiple points of articulation, perfect for scary movie making. Upload and share your creation! Music: Mystery Minute Creepy Town Pet Cemetery

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