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The Suffering:Ties that Bind - Bosses

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Here are all the bosses that you will encounter in the game. Some may not be considered entirely as bosses but still they promise a long fight. Each boss was nearly played on a different difficulty depending on the content needs that I had for the videos. Jordan was faced in easy difficulty otherwise I would need to spend a lot of time to provide a decent fight since you can easily die in this level. The Horde was face din medium difficulty. The fight is a bit boring thus I edited a bit the part to make it end sooner. Even in medium difficulty, the Horde needs a lot of damage before it goes down. Cooperfield is perhaps the hardest boss and it was faced in Impossible difficulty. Not only he is a ranged enemy, his hound also become extremely annoying especially when you are trying to aim Cooperfield in the upper floor and they are barely visible. Maxed insanity makes everything easier. The Creeper was faced in medium difficulty and is not as hard as he seems. He is a melee enemy which makes the whole fight much easier. Lastly, Blackmore was also faced in medium difficulty. With maxed insanity he can go down extremely fast even in Impossible difficulty. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/youtubeTG/ The Suffering: Prison is Hell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3aWFyumWCo&list=PLreIvI8DnPI4ByZvtGNdZaFzdBzGvd-lk The Suffering: Ties That Bind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCWypUzuXzg&index=1&list=PLreIvI8DnPI5NKIpurWuvKxBqYzD6pxHs

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