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The Walking Dead Why did the Military Fail?

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The Walking Dead Why did the Military Fail? This video opens the discussion on why the military failed in the TV show The Walking Dead. Even though the Walkers are slow and dumb, they seem to be most dangerous in large numbers. Also the fact even in a sealed bunker anyone could die, reanimate and ruin everyone's day! How did it happen? The Walking Dead More X Scar Theories - NEW! https://youtu.be/FduQPLxb0QY TWD Promo 9B Review - Daryl Fights Beta!! https://youtu.be/L7KJwuim4_M Negan's Backstory - Here's Negan https://youtu.be/Pk84N0WlO1E The Walking Dead - Problem with Season 1 https://youtu.be/ryK1FwaPZMw TWD News! Maggies G'Bye - Relationship! & FEAR Returns https://youtu.be/6Al03G22pCc The Walking Dead Helicopters Explained https://youtu.be/UEmqtCwpCFY TWD News! Rick vs Daryl - Maggies Baby & Timejumping https://youtu.be/pkLp-62oyyo TWD Shane Sacrifices Otis https://youtu.be/yyxE9-w4H64 TWD NEWS! Heath Returns? Morgan is Going Back to Alexandria! https://youtu.be/wpEqdnPJrOI The Walking Dead Q/A What Caused the Virus? https://youtu.be/fvncxzOjnSM The Walking Dead Time Line & Overview Seasons 1-8 https://youtu.be/TciV6VMs3QA The Walking Dead News Flash S09 Michonne Actress Sought After! https://youtu.be/R5StVamQWq8 TWD What Happened and Whats Going On https://youtu.be/PByBB9Bg3SQ More videos: The Walking Dead - What Does the Letter 'A' Mean? https://youtu.be/IwWHF5zrg3E The Walking Dead The Apocalypse - What We Know https://youtu.be/vFykOtOTQP0 Fear The Walking Dead - Tobias https://youtu.be/Thq12NySMds The Walking Dead - T-Dog's Last Moments https://youtu.be/xA9PjS87eyE Fear The Walking Dead Flight 462 Webisode Review https://youtu.be/dDHQOxHzgUU The Walking Dead - The OATH webisode Review https://youtu.be/Z-jpgIm5TdA CDC and Dam explode on the same day! FTWD TIme Jump! https://youtu.be/KMt1k2ngZwA The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon's Fate? https://youtu.be/vX4Xa9thJEk TWD Who Else Dies in Season 8? https://youtu.be/pcXFdohHTwU The Walking Dead All Character Deaths in 2017 https://youtu.be/BDES3D-mY14 TWD How Long was Rick in the Hospital? https://youtu.be/y_Kw1Y75kzY Abraham's Backstory https://youtu.be/ROFL54fl8ak The Walking Dead - Problem with Season 1 https://youtu.be/ryK1FwaPZMw TWD Shane Leaves Rick at Hospital Explained! https://youtu.be/XQLiwahPO2c TWD - Negan's Backstory and Lucille Origin https://youtu.be/Pk84N0WlO1E The Walking Dead Season 8 Mid-Finale WTFs https://youtu.be/97TROx_zsCM The Walking Dead S08 - Who's Helicopter Was That? https://youtu.be/-nlvBpFKVlE The Walking Dead S08 E01 Throwback https://youtu.be/GAyBSeLldBM The Walking Dead Liar Liar Pants on Fire - Eugene https://youtu.be/MyyMOb8a4mQ The Walking Dead - Thanks Glenn! RIP https://youtu.be/x5e4j3IYwss Is it Over? AMC Sued! TWD Profit Scam! https://youtu.be/AoSGsZdEB5s The Walking Dead - CDC Explained https://youtu.be/yvgKQlpUvCg The Walking Dead S02 E01 Throwback https://youtu.be/K_nM4pZm8QI #thewalkingdead #usgovernment #daryldixon

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