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Top 5 Entry-Level Gold Nib Pens

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The most popular video we’ve ever made here at Goulet Pens has been the 'Top 5 Fountain Pens for Newbies' that focuses on entry-level pens. Once you’re into the fountain pen hobby you realize that there’s another level, gold nib pens. These pens start around $140 and go up from there, so I wanted to give you my personal favorites that are entry-level price (under $200) with 14k or 18k gold nibs. Why gold nibs? The gold is a softer metal than stainless steel, and will act sort of like a shock absorber when you’re writing. It will typically make for a smoother writing experience. These pens I’m about to mention are the ones I think are the best value, to give you the best writing experience, most unique features, and best introduction into gold nib pens. 1. Pilot Custom 74 (http://www.gouletpens.com/pilot-custom-74/c/199) 2. Lamy 2000 (http://www.gouletpens.com/lamy-2000/c/173) 3. Pilot Vanishing Point/Decimo (http://www.gouletpens.com/pilot-vanishing-point/c/228) 4. Pilot Falcon (http://www.gouletpens.com/pilot-falcon/c/198) 5. Platinum 3776 (http://www.gouletpens.com/platinum-3776-century/c/278) 6. Pilot E95s (http://www.gouletpens.com/pilot-e95s/c/197) **UPDATE: As of September 2017, the price of the LAMY 2000 is now $167.20** Shop at GouletPens Store: http://www.GouletPens.com Read GouletPens blog: http://blog.gouletpens.com/ Like GouletPens on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheGouletPenCompany Follow GouletPens on Twitter: https://twitter.com/GouletPens Follow GouletPens on Instagram: http://instagram.com/gouletpens Follow GouletPens on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/gouletpens/

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