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Ehrman-Butt Debate Suffering & God's Existence

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Bart Ehrman met with Kyle Butt at the campus of the University of North Alabama (UNA) on April 4, 2014, at 6:30 p.m. in the Norton Auditorium, which seats about 1,700 people. They were invited by the Christian Student Center on the campus. Gospel Broadcasting Network aired the event live on their television network, as well live streamed it on the Internet. Kyle wrote previous of the event explaining that, "He [Bart] is a self-avowed agnostic who claims that the pain and suffering he sees in the world make it impossible for him to believe that the Christian God exists. Thus, the debate will be on the subject of suffering and the existence of God. Ehrman will be affirming: “The pain and suffering in the world indicate that the Christian God does not exist.” I will be denying that proposition." Program discussed on Bart Ehrman's Foundation Blog: http://ehrmanblog.org/?p=9131 Kyle Butt reflects: http://www.apologeticspress.org/APContent.aspx?category=12&article=4844&topic=95 Bart D. Ehrman is the James A. Gray Distinguished Professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He came to UNC in 1988, after four years of teaching at Rutgers University. At UNC he has served as both the Director of Graduate Studies and the Chair of the Department of Religious Studies. A graduate of Wheaton College (Illinois), Professor Ehrman received both his Masters of Divinity and Ph.D. from Princeton Theological Seminary, where his 1985 doctoral dissertation was awarded magna cum laude. Kyle Butt, M.A. is a graduate of Freed-Hardeman University, where he earned a B.A. with a double major in Bible and communications, and an M.A. in New Testament. Currently, he serves in the Bible department at Apologetics Press and as editor of Discovery magazine. Copyright © Bart D. Ehrman and Apologetics Press, Inc.. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized use, re-posting and/or duplication of this media without express and written permission from Bart D. Ehrman and Apologetics Press, Inc. is strictly prohibited. http://www.apologeticspress.org

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