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G Ras & DUB Fx - Real Revolutionary/Life Over Death medley

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Gregory G Ras is an international reggae artist and social/environmental/vegan activist originally from Hungary. He works solo as well as with his full band G Ras & The Planeteerz, an acoustic crew Roots 4ward, and many other projects. As a friend to DUB FX he was also the main guide and 'fixer' during the Jamaica 2018 project. Youtube: Gregory G Ras Fb: facebook.com/gregorygrasmusic & facebook.com/gregorygrasreggae - - - & make sure you add me up on all my sites also! •• Official Site & Store http://dubfx.com Facebook http://facebook.com/dubfx Twitter http://twitter.com/dub_fx Instagram http://instagram.com/dubfx11 Youtube http://youtube.com/dubfx11 Tumblr http://dubfx.tumblr.com

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