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G Ras ft. Selah - Csak A Zöld (No Diggity riddim) 2019

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Gregory G Ras feat. Selah - Csak A Zöld (=Just the Green) on No Diggity riddim/beat/instrumental Credits: No Diggity instrumental produced by Booker T. Jones & Dr Dre ALL RIGHTS RESERVED! Song performed and lyrics written by G Ras (Komáromy Gergely) & Selah (Jahnoi Nunes) Voice recording, mix & master by Jahnoi Nunes - Jah Ova Evil Studio, Kingston JA 2019 OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO COMING SOON (inhale) Raaaas mi a tell you mi waan upload dis on 4.20, mi nuh kno why youtube put 4.19 as di date a upload, mus be some bumbocl@@t timezone f¥¢kery....(exhale) Anyway everyting bless. Jah kno Million Marijuana March 4.20.2019 Budapest: 13:00 Kossuth tér: march to Margitsziget 15:00 Margitsziget, Nagyrét: protest, live shows 20:00 Official afterparty on TRIP boat Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/232137857733724/ Official afterparty with rasta-afro vibes to the fullest: https://www.facebook.com/events/399396350805032/

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