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Kalinka - Dance Form, Russia | World Culture Festival 2016

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Kalinka is difficult to count the innumerable folk dances that exist in Russia but they all have one thing in common. All Russian folk dances are Daring, Energetic, Exuberant and poetic with modesty, simplicity and profound dignity. 300 vibrant soulful Russian dancers performed Kalinka dance. Glimpses from the World Culture Festival (WCF), a celebration of the Art of Living’s 35th anniversary, that was held in New Delhi, India between March 11-13, 2016. Hosted on the world’s largest floating stage of 7 acres, WCF brought together 3.75 million people from 155 countries. The 3-day event was marked by mesmerizing performances by 36,603 artists from around the globe and showcased cultural diversity like never-seen-before. An estimated 1.8 billion people watched the live telecast of the event from 767,463 locations across 188 countries. For more information, please visit www.artofliving.org/wcf. Subscribe to the Art of Living’s channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/artoflivingsatsang?sub_confirmation=1 Subscribe to the Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/ArtOfLivingTV?sub_confirmation=1 Sri Sri Ravi Shankar founded The Art of Living as an international, non-profit, educational and humanitarian organization in 1982. Its educational and self-development programs offer powerful tools to eliminate stress and foster a sense of well-being through powerful breathing techniques such as Sudarshan Kriya and Yoga. Appealing not only to a specific population, these practices have proven effective globally at all levels of society. For real-time updates from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, follow him on Twitter! - https://twitter.com/SriSri?lang=en Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Official Facebook Channel: https://www.facebook.com/SriSriRaviShankar/?fref=ts Art of Living Official Channels: Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/TheArtOfLivingGlobal Twitter - https://twitter.com/ArtofLiving?lang=en More on the Yoga Way of Life: http://www.artofliving.org/in-en/yoga Yoga Poses Categories: http://www.artofliving.org/in-en/yoga/yoga-poses/yoga-poses-categories Take a Step Towards Happiness! - http://goo.gl/wDmvJc

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