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Slow 12 bar blues - Beginner Blues C Harmonica Lesson + free harp tab

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This week's free harmonica lesson is a slow 12 bar blues example for advanced beginners. You will need a harmonica in the key of C played in 2nd position (key of G) Click here for tab, audio and backing - http://tomlinharmonicalessons.com/play-slow-blues-harmonica-part-1/ Click here for lesson on hand wah - http://tomlinharmonicalessons.com/how-to-play-really-really-good-hand-wah/?c=b121d766c7b9 Click here for lesson on warbles - http://tomlinharmonicalessons.com/warble-harmonica-3-warble-licks/?c=b121d766c7b9 Serious about improving on harmonica? Check out my online Harmonica School and take your playing to the next level - http://tomlinharmonicalessons.com/online-school/ Be sociable and join my harmonica facebook community - https://www.facebook.com/tomlinharmonicalessons Get tons more free lessons at - http://www.tomlinharmonicalessons.com

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